1993-5 Slate Frieze


Slate Frieze comprises of 23 rectangular slabs of engraved slate forming a 21m length wall in the Justus Lipsius Building for the Council of the European Union, Brussels.

“In the early 1990s I exhibited carved slates as temporary installations in art galleries, but I soon realised that it was a medium that leant itself to more permanent sites and responded to a newspaper advertisement for a sculptor to make a work to represent Britain in the new Council Building for the European Union in Brussels. The resulting work was Slate Frieze, completed in 1995, a series of 23 pool table slates stretching to 21 metres. This early work was installed against a wall, but unlike subsequent works it was not an integral part of the fabric of the building.”

Located in the conference room foyer, floor no CO50. With dimensions 2.5 x 21 x .3 m.

Commissioned by the European Union in open competition,  European Selection Committee,  advisor Government Art Collection.

“The medium of an engraving is light, the carving unravels as you walk. You might see the frieze in passing or stop in close proximity for a moment’s solitary contemplation. There is a notion of continuousness and continuing change and the piece has neither beginning nor end.”



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  • Extract from Stills from Sculpture, Slate Frieze 1994-95 Brussels