1993 - 95 Slate Frieze (2.5 x 21 metres)


“The medium of an engraving is light and the carving unravels as you walk along its extreme length. You might see the frieze in passing or stop in close proximity for a moment’s solitary contemplation. There is a notion of continuousness and continuing change and the piece has neither beginning nor end.”

Slate Frieze comprises of 23 rectangular slabs of engraved slate over a 21m length wall in the Justus Lipsius Building for the Council of the European Union, Brussels.

Located in the conference room foyer, floor no CO50. With dimensions 2.5 x 21 x .3 m.

A Maquette is in the Government Art Collection

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  • stillsfromsculpture slatefrieze
  • Extract from Stills from Sculpture, Slate Frieze 1994-95 Brussels