May 2011 Perspex Multiples 1976/2011 A collaboration with Tatty Devine

Susanna Heron has worked in collaboration with Tatty Devine to re-issue the Perspex Multiples, a series of arm pieces she first made in 1976. A limited edition boxed set has been made to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the work and also the building they share. This is the first time that Susanna has made jewellery since 1982.
‘In the spirit of the 1960s, Susanna was interested in jewellery as a way of making work that was accessible,… something to be used in everyday life….This belief in her practice as a part of life and the concern for the application of art to different situations, beyond the gallery and the art world, has persisted in the more recent public works.
The jewellery used the human body as a starting point: the dimensions and properties of the body set the rules, as a site may set the conditions for the large-scale works.’ Extract from ‘Elements’ © Caroline Collier 2003 Mead Gallery, Warwick University.

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