1976 / 2011 Multiples remade


“In the spirit of the 1960s, Susanna was interested in jewellery as a way of making work that was accessible,… something to be used in everyday life….This belief in her practice as a part of life and the concern for the application of art to different situations, beyond the gallery and the art world, has persisted in the more recent public works.

‘The jewellery used the human body as a starting point: the dimensions and properties of the body set the rules, as a site may set the conditions for the large-scale works.” Caroline Collier

The Perspex Multiples were first cut to my pattern by Hamar Plastics in 1976. At the time when they were made, Mr Hamar’s cutting shop was briefly in a two storey building in Shoreditch. Not knowing this, it was therefore by extraordinary coincidence that the same building recently became the location not only for my studio but also for Tatty Devine’s workshop.

The Perspex Multiples 1976/2011 is a collaboration with Tatty Devine to re-issue the Perspex Multiples. A limited edition boxed set has been made to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the work and also the building we share. This is the first time that I have made jewellery since 1982.

The edition
Box 1 Original in a limited edition of 25?6 shapes including original Perspex, signed and dated Susanna Heron © 1976 and numbered 1-20
Box 2 White in a limited edition of 10.?6 shapes in white acrylic, signed and dated Susanna Heron © 1976/2011 and numbered 1-10
The box is a six sided cube embossed with the six multiples, one on each face.
Each box contains an illustrated text signed and dated to include the number of the edition.

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