1998–2003 Waterwindow


“A public work of art does not exist in isolation nor is it cocooned in an anodyne space. It’s a living thing, seeping into the everyday life of those who come across it, seen out of the corner of your eye as you go about your daily business”

Waterwindow is sited at the change in levels between Priory Garden and Priory Place in Coventry.

Seen first from Priory Gardens the window acts as an ear to the sounds of the waterfall. From Priory Place the full extent of the copper wall and waterfall can be seen and at times a patch of sunlight falls through the window to float on the falling water. The splash from the waterfall is continuously recorded in the build-up of green patina on the copper panels, evolving and changing over time to form a water-sensitive drawing.

For images taken by passers-by and posted on Flickr see Susanna Heron Galleries

Waterwindow is part of the Phoenix Initiative, a Millennium Urban Regeneration Scheme which was shortlisted for the Stirling Prize in 2004. With architects McCormac Jamieson Prichard and landscape architects Robert Rumney Associates, client Coventry City Council, commissioning agency Modus Operandi and artist’s project manager Mary Hogben (Hogben & Hale Architects).