1995–7 The Sunken Courtyard


“The Sunken Courtyard reflects the weather and the changing season, creating a sense of place and bringing an awareness of the natural world into the urban environment.”

“When the work was complete it became active. I started to watch the strip of activity taking place in the Northern Courtyard above the wall, like actors on a cinema screen, oblivious of this huge calm space beside them. I observed the choreography of the space that we had made and enjoyed the reappearance of two people leaning over the wall having a private conversation in the midst of that busy place.”

The Sunken Courtyard comprises a curved blue wall, boulder, tree, viewing platform, floating slate, underwater mosaic and reflecting pools. It is located at Hackney Community College London in the northern courtyard of Shoreditch Campus with dimensions 4.5 x 14 x 30 m.

With architects Hampshire County Architects and Perkins Ogden Architects, client Hackney Community College London and commissioning agency Public Art Commissions Agency.

Supported by: The National Lottery through the Arts Council of England and Dalston City Partnership

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  • Extract from Stills from Sculpture, The Sunken Courtyard 1995-97 Hackney