1985 Whitechapel Art Gallery


Susanna Heron: Sculpture
8 October – 3 November 1985
Whitechapel Art Gallery, Whitechapel High Street, London

“The culmination of these wallpieces, and Heron’s first fully mature statement, is Frieze…This line of silver shapes, whose plastic unity lies chiefly in the fact that each perimeter as it touches the wall takes the form of a circle, has been skied. And this, together with the highly reflective surfaces responsive to the slightest inflections of light, and the squashing of certain elements, destroying their symmetry and introducing a kind of perspective, makes the spectator very conscious of his or her position. Viewpoint and distance are stressed above all by the way in which the objects declare themselves to the eye not the body.”

“In Her willingness to rethink the familiar in new terms, and to jettison what have become cliches – the pure, natural, organic and modest – in favour of an impure stylishness, a visual elan that frankly encourages looking and being seen, lies her contemporaneity and her strength.
Lynne Cooke

Susanna Heron: Sculpture, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London 1985.