2002 Elements, Mead Gallery


Susanna Heron: elements
11 January – 14 March 2003

Mead Gallery, Warwick Art Centre
The University of Warwick, Coventry

“The Elements drawings are in a sense metaphors for scale and for time (the other dimension of space). Like mathematical systems, they are elements, essences, reproducible at any size. They can be used in the building in Tokyo, in a London street, on the walls of a gallery or as tiny prints. Like found objects they are transportable; but the experience of the works is specific, rooted in a particular time and place.” Caroline Collier

The exhibition title Elements takes it’s name from the Elements drawings, a series of ink drawings originally made for a commission in Tokyo in 2001 but which have evolved as a body of work to be recreated and transformed by location, scale and substance. In a one person exhibition at the Mead Gallery, Warwick University in 2003 the Elements drawings were extended to 8 metres long and stencilled directly onto the gallery walls creating the impression of floating in space.

An exhibition catalogue accompanies this exhibition titled Susanna Heron, elements, published by the Mead Gallery, Warwick University, designed by Pippa Parris and distributed by Cornerhouse.

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  • Catalogue foreword by Sarah Shalgosky
  • Catalogue essay Elements by Caroline Collier
  • Catalogue essay Origins of Drawing by Jonathan Vickery