1982 Wearable


“At Central St Martins I had eschewed Fine Art and made jewellery. In 1981 I made a series of works under my generic title Wearables, they marked the end of the jewellery and a new beginning in sculpture followed – I had made the decision that the distinction between practices was valuable, that blurring the boundaries between Art and Craft and Design could render a useful object useless and did not make Art. The Wearables were named as they were meant to be seen – as useful objects to be worn – they were not to be seen as sculpture. As objects they were little more than some stockinette roll, dyed, stretched, knotted and tied over circular wire hoops of various sizes. These flat discs were to be worn like hats – reminiscent of a circular brim, set on top or tied against the side of the head, pushed off the head and worn on your back like a sunhat – or hung on the wall much as one hangs hats in a hall. The experience of wearing them was both surprising and unexpected – the aim was to bring a sense of consciousness and spatial awareness, both abstract and glamorous.” copyright Susanna Heron 2009, extract from RIBA Journal April 2009

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