june 2017 Chancery Lane wins RIBA London Awards 2017

40 Chancery Lane by Bennetts Associates has won a RIBA London Award 2017. Susanna Heron collaborated with Bennetts Associates to make Travertine Frieze, a shallow carving in negative relief forming the side wall to the main entrance of 40 Chancery Lane cut in travertine marble.

The judges’ report reads: “On a large corner site, an elegant Travertine-clad complex of connected office blocks draws on the urban character of the local area and retains an existing building on Took’s Court. A small, publicly-accessible courtyard reached from Chancery Lane provides a welcome landscaped space in this dense urban location.

The retained building allows a memory of the traditional ‘hole-in-the-wall’ character of the conservation area on the outside, while creating a narrow internal glazed street. Wall carvings by Susanna Heron in the covered entrance to the courtyard provide an attractive relief to the flank wall to the restaurant space. This is an extremely well-considered and resolved development.”

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